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Matthew Davies (Big Brother Contestant) Laser Hair Removal ExperienceBack

Matthew Davies (Big Brother Contestant) Laser Hair Removal Experience



Most who know me are aware that I'm not one to have much of an interest in cosmetic procedures or expensive beauty regimes. There are many things about me that if I could change immediately and easily I would, but there are a number of treatments out there that require a lot of time, knowledge and money to proceed with. For me, this means unless I really want something done, understand it and trust the person doing it, I will almost never go through with it.


As a man of Jewish origin, I unfortunately inherited the slightly unlucky gene of hairiness. I fully accept that as a man it is biologically and humanly normal to have bodily hair. Sadly for me this does not stop outside a little bit of arm, leg and chest hair. The older I've become, the more visible places I have started to witness hair growth emerge across my body.


Since my early twenties I've started to grow hair across the top of my shoulders, as well as the back of my neck. Miraculously I do not have back hair (yet - I won't hold my breath with that one), but having random spreads of hair growth in places that aren't entirely common is something I've felt insecure about for a very long time. Being called names such as "grotesque" and having people use my hairiness as an excuse to personally attack me for years, I can't deny has got to me and admittedly is why I've decided to take action now.


I had read about laser treatment occasionally over the years. It's no secret that having a full hair removal treatment is a lengthy process as well as costly too. Despite it being something I liked the idea of and considered having done, I never went through with it because I simply didn't know enough about it, was sceptical about the outcomes and heard it was painful.


Recently, I met clinic owner Andrea Mappouridis (Revita Laser) at a beauty pageant in Liverpool who mentioned to me about what she did. She mentioned that she owned a state-of-the-art ultrasonic pain-free hair removal laser, an expensive piece of equipment, considerably new and uncommon amongst most laser clinics in the UK.

 I visited Revita Laser last week in Heswall following our brief meet and had a consultation with Andrea. I had laser treatment across the back of my neck and both shoulders. The procedure itself was entirely pain-free as promised and I was taken for complete surprise with that one. Within 45 minutes, I walked out her salon hair free, with shoulders as smooth as a baby.


The way the procedure worked is that the laser itself zaps the hairs out of your body. As part of the procedure you are shaved across these areas prior, as the hair is promptly burnt out of your skin, therefore with hair shaved off, the root is hit immediately and painlessly. It was entirely safe and comfortable throughout the whole process, despite having it done in one of the most awkward and sensitive areas of the body.

 In order to remain entirely hair free, average people are expected to return for up to seven sessions, six weeks apart. Each session you are left with 25% less hair than you walked in with, therefore even after one session I have already noticed a huge difference.

 For the amount of time spent shaving and applying hair removal cream over the past, I'm very happy with my results and can't wait to head back for my next session. No more ferrets on my shoulders!

 Although Revita Laser specialises in hair removal, they are a full boutique medical spa offering a range of other services including skin tightening, stretch marks, acne scars, electrolysis and botox.



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