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Being hair-free for your Honeymoon is just as important as being hair-free for your Big Day. You don't want to be wasting your all-important honeymoon time shaving or waxing whilst your man sips cocktails by the pool, now do you?  So look at our top tips for a hair-free honeymoon, from Revitalaser - Cheshire and Merseyside's local award winning clinician, currently treating This Miss England contestants for all your pre-wedding beauty needs. Today we are talking laser hair removal. 

1. The sooner the better. To ensure the best possible results, brides-to be should begin laser hair removal treatments as soon as possible.  Laser hair removal is a perment reduction which can liberate you from shaving or tweezing Daily However with repeat sessions hair will be less visible and hairless with smooth skin which can have a lasting reduction ,  So that's one less thing to be worrying about as you plan your day.

2. Stay out of the sun. It’s best to avoid the sun immediately before and after laser treatments. So don't wait till you are getting that summer tan! Plan ahead for a hair-free, stress-free hen night, wedding and honeymoon.

3. Most hair colours incl. blonde and grey hair are suitable for Revitalaser own ultrasonic hair removal procedure Unlike many traditional laser hair removal treatments, new state of the art ultrasonic procedures are both painless and capable of treating hair of most colours. So give your chosen clinic a call and discuss your treatment plan. Regardless of your age or natural colour, ultrasonic treatments can help in reducing your unwanted hair even in the most sensitive areas.

4. For the best results. To achieve the best results we recommend that you shave the night before your laser treatment and the closer the shave the better. If hair removal is required between treatments, then we only recommend that you shave the area that you want treating.
5. Your big day is a big deal, so do your research!  Make sure to choose a reputable clinic and a therapist whose training has been accredited for laser hair removal. Lasers are sophisticated surgical equipment, requiring skill and experience to operate safely and for maximum effect. 

6. Don’t waste your hard earned money.  A reputable laser clinic should offer a free full consultation and patch test 24-48 hours before you start your treatment, with a plan which suits your individual needs.

7. Cheap isn’t always best.  Don’t choose a clinic based on the cheapest price. Have a little patience and use the best for the most satisfactory long term results. 

8. Know what to expect.  Laser hair removal is not a one off permanent cure to totally remove all your unwanted hair. However it does offer a permanent hair reduction which increases with each treatment. So the best results come with a full treatment plan which you can undertake over a period of time which suits you. 

 Good luck and have a great day.

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